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advanced therapy Methods
To Your Recovery

We are team of talented licensed Therapists Helping peaple recover after surgery

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Your Partner in Physical Therapy

The time imediately following surgery is a critical time to achieve full function of the limb. We can assist by

  • help you extend your range of motion.
  • Assit with pain relief
  • Help with joint swelling reduction
  • We are bloody good

Let us help you make a plan for recovery and assist in excuiting that plan.

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Why Choose Atlas?

We provide personal service and become a part of your team with your health care provi

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Our Therapists

David L. Thompson


David is a certified orthopedic massage therapist, Corrective Exercise Specialist, and owner of Atlas Sports Therapy. He has also been practicing physical therapy/rehabilitation in both outpatient and home health settings since 2012. David has learned techniques over the years by studying under visionary researchers and massage practicioners such as Tom Meyers's Anatomy Trains, Erik Dalton's Phd, MAT techniques, Dr Michael Uriate's MYK system, Dr. Joe Muscolino, Dr Michael Lehy's ART, and Pete Pfannerstill PhD. David has also become certified in Rocktape kinesiology taping. He has treated athletes from many ages and sports, including MMA, long distance runners, and the everyday active person. He believes that the body is a map. And to get to the root of the issue, he must be able to "read" that map.


Our staff of highly-trained and experienced bodyworkers specialize in many techniques and holistic strategies to address soft tissue issues, and assist in decreasing stress in our customers. Our head-to-toe massage treatments from our therapists are effective at re balancing the soft tissue, and improving mobility. Our staff uses different combinations of hands-on therapeutic strategies to ensure a customized and relaxing massage session.